Audiophile THIXAR equipment platforms and hifi racks – The Fundamentals of Sound.


The positio­ning of high end equip­ment has a direct massive influ­ence on sound quality. THIXAR is proud to serve all truly knowledgeable aficionados of our art with our legendary equip­ment. Plat­forms and racks built with the latest proprietary damping technology. See and hear for yourself which amazing level of true high-end your machines are really capable of. You’ll be surprised – as the reviewers of the world’s leading hifi magazines were. Read more…


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PEACE products everywhere (11): SMD AMBITIOUS rack and new Silencer_iZ at Hong Kong AV show.

Great performance thanks to CNS and other partners – Stenheim – Swiss Made Audio Excellence, darTZeel Audio SA, Vicoustic, Swisscables 綫材同學會 and (last but not least) PEACE! Mehr…Weniger…

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PEACE products everywhere (10): Come and see our products at Hong Kong AV Show from 11th to 13th of August. Our distributor CNS is going to present our complete product range in Hall 3 both X23 in cooperation with

Audiotechnique, Stenheim – Swiss Made Audio Excellence, darTZeel Audio SA and many more. Mehr…Weniger…

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Give PEACE a chance (60): A customer in South Africa just sent following summary to our partner AVCables cc (high-end audio/video). Nothing else than one great testimonial!

Please read and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE:

I think the quickest way of summarizing the effects of the Thixar vibration/dampening control devices (Thixar Silence PLUS, Thixar Eliminator, Thixar Silence Feet Basic) is – they bring the best of ‘valve’ to my system!

Greater tonal depth, liquidity, and reducing most of the remaining ‘digital’ symptoms (hardness in the highs, forward but slightly etched and bleached, lack of specificity in sound staging). To be truthful, I never recognized that my system had these issues until I heard they were so reduced! My system is much easier to listen to now – and much more emotionally engaging. Plus, extra ‘hi fi’ benefits such as a lower noise floor, more details (but better integrated into the whole).

Just as reviewed, I found the effectiveness to increase as one went from (Thixar) Eliminator to (Thixar) Silent Feet, to (Thixar) Silence Plus platforms. The feet are the only such devices that add effectiveness to my GPA carbon shelves (most make sound worse, e.g. Stillpoints).

The (Thixar) platforms straight onto the shelves transform my Devialet´s! Mehr…Weniger…

THIXAR Customer testimonial:

As they say: "the proof is in the pudding!"

Hi Jeandre

I think the quickest way of summarizing the effects of the Thixar vibration/dampening control devices (Thixar Sil…

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Give PEACE a chance (59): beautiful amp of Conrad-Johnson Design performing on highest level with our Silence Plus platform. Summary after hours of listening: guys were highly impressed!!!!!!!

Many thanks to our partner AVCables cc (high-end audio/video) in South Africa! Mehr…Weniger…