THIXAR HiFi-Rack SMD Ambitious Mk2 1x3 white high gloss

THIXAR HiFi Rack SMD Ambitious Mk2 in the version 1×3 in white high gloss.


 THIXAR Peace Program Silence Plus

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Max. load:

80kg per platform

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THIXAR HiFi Rack SMD Ambitious Mk2 2x3 black

THIXAR HiFi Rack SMD Ambitious Mk2 2×3 in black high gloss.

Audiophile THIXAR hifi racks – The Fundamentals of Sound.

HiFi Rack
SMD Ambitious MkII:
The new rack system

The fact that high-end hifi equipment tends to show a highly sensitive response to whatever it is standing on is an open secret. Both solid-state and tube amps as well as analogue turntables can only reveal their full potential if they can do their work undisturbed by any vibration. Only then can you experience the sense of space, the dynamics and richness of detail in full audiophile splendour.

THIXAR HiFi Rack SMD Ambitious Mk2

That’s why we have developed the new “SMD Ambitious” rack system range, based on the highly successful “Silence” equipment base. In doing this, we focussed on isolating the surface on which the equipment stands from vibrations of the shelf beneath, in order to minimise the amount of external vibration affecting the equipment.

In this new design, an advanced version of our unique gel base is used. The full area of the mounting surface is borne by a gel layer, which achieves a perfect damping of the mounting base in a way that is targeted towards eliminating vibration of the equipment itself.

Additionally every platform is separated from bottom by 4 specially constructed decoupling elements. Their special design guarantees that resulting resonance frequency is below 10Hz independent of applied load.

Newly designed adjust­able feet enable an accurate and fine balanc- ing of the whole rack.

THIXAR HiFi Rack SMD Ambitious Mk2 detail viewAttention has been given not only to the acoustic aspect but also to the visuals. Keeping in line with “form follows function”, the system is integrated into a modern, highly flexible design. With smart painted and wooden surfaces, the rack can be customized to fit in with your existing furniture.

THIXAR HiFi-Rack SMD Ambitious Mk2 3x2 white high gloss

THIXAR HiFi Rack SMD Ambitious Mk2 in the version 3×2, white high gloss.


“Adding a Pair of Wings to Your Gears. … I could feel the stream of power rushing up to my body. … I never expected the combination … could have such prominent upgrade!!”

Martin in “Audiotechnique”, 05/2019, Download full review (pdf)…

“During my trials with diverse components … there wasn’t a single device that would not respond in a positive way. … To me the SMD Ambitious has definitely component status.”

Olaf Sturm in “HiFi &Records”, 01/2016, Download full review (pdf)…

“After lengthy listening, also over the days that followed, I consistently gained the impression that the THIXAR stands were bringing a pleasant repose to the music. … On the contrary, the solidity in the music made the sound even more explosive and exciting.”

Wolfgang Kemper in “Hifi Statement”