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THIXAR CEO Dirk Ruedell.

Keeping it calm: with audio­phile THIXAR high-end hifi platforms and racks.

The SMD Ultimate hifi rack of THIXAR.


Why do vibrations impair the sound? What causes vibrations? How do THIXAR products help?

 THIXAR Peace Program Silent Feet Plus
 THIXAR Peace Program Silence Plus

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In order to harness the full potential of high-end audio equipment, it is necessary to reduce vibrations across as broad a frequency range as possible. If only individual frequencies or narrow ranges are subjected to damping, this results in the sound being adversely affected and coloured. This is referred to as overdamping. THIXAR products avoid this kind of aberration by virtue of their fundamental design principle.

All THIXAR components are based on AVC technology – Adaptive Vibration Control. In principle, any material, any technology and any design can be very effective at absorbing or preventing vibrations in a particular frequency range. But it is only with the right combination of selected materials and technical solutions that the aim of broad-band vibration damping can be achieved for any application or any end product. The resulting positive effects on sound quality are not only clearly perceptible to the human ear but can also be unequivocally verified through measurements. Finde out more on the measurements here…

The stand-out unique selling point of THIXAR products is a special gel which possesses ideal isolation and absorption properties thanks to its chemical bonds. Moreover, thixotropy* causes vibration energy to be absorbed by the gel. The raw materials used for this gel are determined experimentally and allow optimal adjustments to be made for the different THIXAR products and their respective requirements profiles. In order to ensure that the properties remain constant over many years, we pay particular attention to the long-term stability of this unique gel.

At the same time, THIXAR racks, platforms and dampers are, in every respect, a great addition to any living space. Their neutral, modern design is a perfect fit with many interior styles and component designs.

This combination of empirical research, robust effectiveness, meticulous manufacture and timeless design makes for a perfect listening experience. The audio equipment operates undisturbed and the listener finds peace.

The term thixotropy refers to the connection between the viscosity of gelatinous substances and the application and duration of mechanical force and how this affects the substance’s subsequent return to its original state.