THIXAR HiFi platform Silence Focus in silver copper finish

THIXAR hifi platform Silence Focus in the finish silver/copper.


The Thixar Silence Focus is available in the following standard dimensions:

max. load:200kg200kg

Custom dimensions are available on request with the Customized Version C!

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THIXAR hifi platform Silence Focus bottom view

Bottom view of the THIXAR hifi platform Silence Focus.


THIXAR hifi platform Silence Focus in black-silver finish

THIXAR hifi platform Silence Focus in black-silver finish.


 THIXAR Peace Program Silence Plus

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THIXAR hifi platform Silence Focus

THIXAR hifi platform Silence Focus.

HiFi Equipment Platforms
Silence Focus

Every component of a Hi-Fi system is sensitive to vibrations. Contrary to widespread misconception, this is also true of high quality amplifiers – and to a particularly striking degree. That is why we have developed a special version of the Silence base for this class of device – a version that addresses the specific requirements of power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and full amplifiers. To accomplish this, AVC technology (Adaptive Vibration Control) from THIXAR had to be used in a new way.

THIXAR equipment platform Silence Focus

The task: Amplifiers themselves produce a considerable amount of low-frequency vibrations, whose energy must be absorbed and processed by the base. At the same time, it must decouple the amplifier from the substrate, in order to avoid interactions with other devices. And because some amplifiers are very heavy, a base designed for a standalone installation on the floor must provide high mechanical strength. For this reason, the Silence Focus distributes the load on five special feet.

Findings from many trial configurations with extensive measurements and acoustic tuning indicated that a three-level base design achieved the best results.


The upper level comprises a three-layer sandwich made of aluminium, the underlying damping layer, and a multi-layer wood material. The aluminium plate transmits the vibrations directly to the damping layer, which absorbs them extremely effectively through shear forces. In this way, the power amplifier eliminates its own vibrations.


The lower level serves to decouple the mounting area from the substrate. This is where the proven gel technology from THIXAR is used. It is extremely flexible and can thus be optimally adapted to the task. Through precise weighing out of the components used, we achieved a correct balance between effective decoupling and mounting stability. This prevents additional vibrations from being introduced into the amplifier from external sources. Moreover, the Silence Focus prevents the power amplifier from exciting vibrations in other devices.


Between the two levels described above, a mixture of materials is specifically selected to effectively eliminate mid- and high-frequency interference. We achieve that result through the effective combination of different wooden materials, elastomers and metal layers.

Silence Focus bottom

This sophisticated structure of a Silence Focus is a necessary condition enabling the amplifier mounted on it to perform to its full potential. The qualities of the components become much more apparent – an essential enhancement of sound quality is very clearly perceptible. You’ll be amazed!

The aluminium cover layer permits a flexible design. In this way, the THIXAR Silence Focus can be visually matched to the amplifier, in order to achieve a harmonic overall impression. The two variants shown are available for this purpose. In addition to these standard designs, there is also an option to enhance the quality of the aluminium plate further with high-gloss carbon fibre composite.

You’ll be amazed at how good your equipment can sound!

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