THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence

The THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence.


 THIXAR Peace Program Silence Plus

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THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence

The THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence.




Max. load

40kg per platform

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Audiophile THIXAR hifi racks – The Fundamentals of Sound.

HiFi Equipment Platform

The basic Silence perfectly meets one specific require­ment: absor­bing the vibra­tional energy of the device sitting on it with maximum effec­tiveness.

The internal struc­ture of the now third-gene­ration THIXAR Silence comprises several layers of diffe­rent materials that have different proper­ties. The combi­nation of these materials and their specific absorp­tion charac­teris­tics plays a key role in absor­bing detri­mental vibra­tions over a very wide range of frequen­cies. Thanks to the energy absor­bed by the transi­tions between rigid and flexible materials (Cons­trained Layer Damping), the absorp­tion band is extended upward, so that even high frequency vibra­tions are uniformly supressed.

THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence top view

As a result, integra­ted compo­nents are able to operate much more precisely. The benefits are wide-ranging: more precise repro­duc­tion through­out the play­back chain. A more expansive sound­stage with greater clarity and fine detail. A more faith­fully repro­duced low end with greater bass exten­sion. The posi­tive acoustic effects of THIXAR’s conti­nuously refined AVC techno­logy (Adaptive Vibra­tion Control) as used in the Silence have been quanti­tatively proven too.

Spectrogram THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence
Spectro­gram of the THIXAR HiFi equip­ment platform Silence.

The audio compo­nents that benefit most from the Silence are natu­rally those that generate a significant amount of vibra­tion, such as power amps, power supplies, and of course sub-chassis turn­tables. But the posi­tive effects of this THIXAR plat­form are also discer­nible with other hi-fi equipment, like CD players and non-suspended turn­tables. A Silence absorbs the vibra­tions generated by the hi-fi compo­nents them­selves and neutra­lises them, thus preven­ting trans­mission to neigh­bouring equipment.

THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence from the bottom

To maximise the level of absorp­tion, the Silence should be placed in direct contact with the exis­ting shelf or rack. Moreover, this plat­form is the perfect comple­ment to a Serenity Plus rack system. Together, they consti­tute a top-quality rack that is both aesthe­tically and acous­tically harmonious.

The Silence is avai­lable in two sizes and a neutral colour.


“Next I went through the same listening test with the spiked Silence stand. The result was slightly less obvious, but nonetheless similar. At high volume, the Silence Plus was superior in terms of how cleanly the sound came over. The footstep test was not quite as impressive with the Silence. … In terms of my evaluation of the music, the two stands were not far apart in my test con guration. The inexpensive Entrance also did its job superbly but it was a bit further behind the Silence than the latter was from the Silence Plus. Taking into account the price, I would certainly have chosen the Silence stand for my turntable.”

Wolfgang Kemper, HiFi Statement, 2013
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