THIXAR hifi equipment platforms

The THIXAR equipment platform Silence is protecting high quality hifi components from vibrations.


 THIXAR Peace Program Silence Plus

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The Thixar Silence is available in the following standard dimensions:

Usable area

size: M L
width: 450mm 500mm
depth: 360mm 440mm

Set surface

size: M L
width: 350mm 400mm
depth: 260mm 340mm
height: 42mm 50mm
weight: 5.2kg 8.2kg

Custom dimensions, forms and colors are available on request!

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 Detail THIXAR hifi equipment platforms

Bottom view of the Silence equipment platform with spikes.

HiFi Equipment Platforms
Discover the world of audiophile gel technology

High-quality Hifi devices are also highly sensitive to vibrations. The better the machine, the more it suffers. Be it component resonances, sound waves or subsonic noise – whatever goes into the system degrades the performance. Hence, the usual stands try to damp these resonances only by different materials.

We at THIXAR think the optimum set means absolutely no vibrations reach the device. So how do we achieve this? By an optimum decoupling of the device with our special gel technology based floating storage.

THIXAR Gerätebasis Silence

With the THIXAR Silence you’ll get a complete sepa­ration of the top and the underside of the stand with no firm connection between both parts. This results in a quieter, wider soundstage, clearer and more natural sounding instruments – and an amazing amount of peace filling the heart of the proud owner.

Isn’t that what the aviation-industry-grade measures and technologies we’ve used together with good old handicraft should all be about?


“Next I went through the same listening test with the spiked Silence stand. The result was slightly less obvious, but nonetheless similar. At high volume, the Silence Plus was superior in terms of how cleanly the sound came over. The footstep test was not quite as impressive with the Silence. … In terms of my evaluation of the music, the two stands were not far apart in my test con guration. The inexpensive Entrance also did its job superbly but it was a bit further behind the Silence than the latter was from the Silence Plus. Taking into account the price, I would certainly have chosen the Silence stand for my turntable.”

Wolfgang Kemper, HiFi Statement, 2013
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Audiophile THIXAR equipment platforms – The Funda­men­tals of Sound.