SMD Ambitious MkII

Thixar HiFi-Racks: SMD Abitious Mk2

High-end hifi equipment tends to show a highly sensitive response to whatever it is standing on. Both solid-state and tube amps as well as analogue turntables can only reveal their full potential if are undisturbed by any vibration. Only then can you experience the sense of space, the dynamics and richness of detail in full audiophile splendour. That’s why we have developed the new “SMD Ambitious” rack system range. We focussed on isolating the surface on which the equipment stands from vibrations of the shelf beneath, in order to minimise the amount of external vibration affecting the equipment.

SMD Ultimate

THIXAR hifi racks: SMD Ultimate

Sound Meets Design – SMD: The maximum of technology in a timeless modern shape. The construction of the modular hifi rack system SMD Ulti­mate gives you the free choice of surface varieties for perfect integration into your listening room. The sides are built in a sandwich construction, damping vibrations. The utility space is based on our top-of-the-line platform Silence Plus and offers a maximum of decoupling and vibration absorption. The combination of different elements stacked or side by side offer a high amount of positioning flexibility.