THIXAR HiFi case damping system Eliminator size L in black matt

THIXAR HiFi case damping system Eliminator size L in black matt.


 THIXAR Peace Program Silence Plus

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THIXAR HiFi case damping system Eliminator in black matt finish, detail

THIXAR HiFi case damping system Eliminator in black matt finish, detail.



size: S L
height: 35mm 40mm
width: 150mm 280mm
depth: 100mm 120mm
weight: 1.1kg 5.5kg
THIXAR HiFi case damping system Eliminator gold

THIXAR Eliminator in golden finish and size L.


Three finishes are available to harmo­nise perfectly with existing hi-fi compo­nents:

silver polished
black matt
gold polished

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Audiophile THIXAR hifi accessories – The Fundamentals of Sound.

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The Elimi­nator is designed to address another source of vibra­tions that mar music liste­ning pleasure. Its raison d’être is to ease the compo­nent casing itself.

All the functional compo­nents in a hi-fi unit are physi­cally connec­ted to the chassis, which effec­tively serves as a mount for the casing too. As such, every motor, every coil, every quartz crystal and every trans­former induces vibra­tions in the casing which are then trans­mitted to the other compo­nents. And this prevents them from opera­ting optimally. The end result is a signi­ficant reduction in sound quality.

THIXAR Eliminator L in silver

Because things like inductors generate different vibra­tion frequen­cies than trans­formers, a multi-pronged approach is required. A complex challenge like this cannot be addres­sed by simply adding mass. It takes a combi­nation of different materials based on our AVC technology (Adaptive Vibration Control) to achieve the desired result. The individual components in the Elimi­nator are specifically matched to ensure that all poten­tially detri­mental frequen­cies are signi­ficantly reduced in equal measure. At the heart of the vibration damping system is the THIXAR-typical gel, whose properties have been tailored to achieve a targeted signal absorption.

THIXAR case damping system Eliminator in black, size SIt goes without saying that the alumi­nium casing of the Elimi­nator is also an impor­tant part of the construc­tion. Similarly relevant is the interface between the casing to be damped and the Elimi­nator. A special film is used to ensure good contact and optimal absorp­tion of vibrations.

The unique THIXAR vibra­tion damping system is designed speci­fically for the casings of audio­phile equip­ment and ensures that their compo­nents can operate under uncom­pro­mised condi­tions. The acoustic effects can be metrolo­gically verified and make a percep­tible diffe­rence: Back­ground noise is reduced, while fine detail, imaging and sound­stage scale are enhan­ced. Overall, music is repro­duced with greater compo­sure and natural­ness.

Spectrogram THIXAR Eliminator case damping system
Spectro­gram of the THIXAR Eliminator case damping system.

Both elec­tronic devices and loud­speakers benefit from an Elimi­nator. The positive effects vary depen­ding on the component in question. But one thing is clear – an Elimi­nator allows all devices to play to the best of their abili­ties. As such, inte­gra­ting an Elimi­nator from THIXAR into your system repre­sents another impor­tant step on the road to flaw­less music repro­duction.

THIXAR Eliminator L silver front view

Available in two sizes (S/L) and three surface finishes (matt black, gloss silver or gold), there is an Elimi­nator that will harmo­nise perfectly with your existing hi-fi compo­nents.


“The drum sounds as if the performance venue were changed. The scale of the sound stage and sense of space were also significally enhanced.”

Martin Leung in “Audiotechnique”, 01/2021, Download full review (pdf)…