THIXAR Silent Feet in black and silver

THIXAR Silent Feet in black and silver.


We offer two optimized versions – the choice is depending on the weight of your hifi device:

Model:Max. load*
200-20 kg
6020-60 kg

* set of 4


diameter:50 mm
height:23 mm

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THIXAR Silent Feet Basic

THIXAR Silent Feet provide your hifi equipment with completely undistorted sound reproduction.


The feet are available in the following finishes for a perfect aesthetic match to your equipment:

polished silver
matt silver
matt black
THIXAR Silent Feet

THIXAR Silent Feet in silver and black.

Audiophile THIXAR hifi accessories – The Fundamentals of Sound.

HiFi Accessories
Silent Feet
Even small elements make a contri­bution to peace and harmony.

THIXAR’s intelli­gently designed audio component feet further enhance the perfor­mance of audiophile playback units. When such compo­nents are mounted on our Silent Feet, the sound radiates a pronounced sense of calm and harmony; at the same time, the listener can discern a greater range of subtle details. A key factor in terms of the positive effects provided by the Thixar feet is their fine-tuned balance of isolation and damping – over a broad frequency range.

Silent Feet ensure that the vibra­tions generated inside an audio component are greatly reduced. The inte­grated dampers absorb 90 % of these vibra­tions within 0.02 seconds.

THIXAR Silent Feet Bump Test
THIXAR Silent Feet Transmission Function

At the same time, THIXAR feet provide the units placed on them with protection from external vibrations and their detri­mental influence on sound quality. The efficient design of our Silent Feet ensures that this kind of inter­ference is consi­derably reduced.

THIXAR Silent Feet
The audio component feet consist of several layers of different materials. Typically for THIXAR, a gel is used as a sepa­rating element, which is of crucial impor­tance. The compo­sition of this viscous material has been adapted speci­fically for use in our Silent Feet.

The effec­tive­ness of the well-balanced compo­nents is directly dependent on the weight of the units placed on them. For optimal results, THIXAR audio component feet are therefore available in two versions, with the distin­guishing feature being their “weight categories”.


has a load-bearing capacity of 20 kilo­grams per set of four. It is suitable for audio products such as record and CD players, preamp­lifiers, DA converters, streamers and phono preamp­lifiers.


comes as a set of four designed for a maximum load of 20 to 60 kilo­grams. This version is recom­mended for heavy components, for instance power ampli­fiers, power supply units and floor­standing loud­speakers.

For aesthetic harmo­nisation, we offer both variants in three different finishes: polished silver, matt silver, and matt black.

THIXAR Silent Feet

The integrated thread allows the Silent Feet to be fastened directly to the component. At the same time, the corres­ponding recess is designed to take a spike for the purposes of stabi­lisation. Alter­natively, the other­wise flat surface allows audio compo­nents to be placed directly onto the Silent Feet using the components’ own feet.

In all cases, you will notice an improve­ment in sound quality. The simple use of these small accessory elements from THIXAR will bring you one step closer to musical peace and harmony.