Please note:

This is the old Spike-Set which is discontinued!

We are currently updating this product page. You will find all information on the new Spike-Set soon on this page!



THIXAR Spike-Set

Shapely and hand polished: THIXAR Spikes in a set of 4.

Audiophile THIXAR hifi accessories – The Fundamentals of Sound.

THIXAR Spike-Set on our hifi rack SMD Ambitious

Spikes on the THIXAR hifi rack SMD Amibitous.

HiFi Accessories
A Classy Way of Balancing

This shapely Spikeset is used for a stable and balanced setup. The chrome surface is polished by hand to meet highest requirements. That´s why we are using these spikes in combination with other products (e.g. racks of SMD Ambitious series) too.

THIXAR Spike-Set

With its M6 thread these spikes can be screwed strongly. After alignment the position can be locked with a counternut. To preserve sensitive surfaces below a protective pad is included in this 4pcs set.