THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in bamboo finish

The THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in bamboo finish.


 THIXAR Peace Program Silence Plus

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THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in light/dark grey

The THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in light/dark grey finish.




Max. load

40kg per platform

THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in carbon finish

The THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in carbon finish.


Three finishes are available to harmo­nise perfectly with existing hi-fi compo­nents:

dark grey
dark / light grey
light grey

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THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in light/dark grey finish

The THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in light / dark grey finish.

Audiophile THIXAR equipment platforms – The Funda­men­tals of Sound.

HiFi Equipment Platform
Silence Plus

The Silence Plus combines the func­tions of damping and decoup­ling in a unique way. Pain­stakingly deve­loped on the basis of our AVC techno­logy (Adaptive Vibra­tion Control), this plat­form sets new stan­dards when it comes to damping high-end audio equip­ment, both in terms of absorbing vibra­tions gene­rated by the device itself and in reducing external sources of degra­dation. This special dual function distin­guishes it from the Silence, which focuses exclu­sively on vibra­tion absorp­tion aspects. Moreover, the materials used were even more precisely analysed, and the utmost care went into their selec­tion and processing.

THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in light/dark grey finish from top

The struc­tural design of this top-of-the-line THIXAR isolation plat­form comprises several layers of diffe­rent, specifi­cally selec­ted materials. Their diffe­ring proper­ties ensure its effec­tivity over a wide range of frequen­cies. The material selection, combi­nation and place­ment is the culmi­nation of exhaustive quan­titative vali­dation and audi­tio­ning process. This third evolu­tion of the Silence Plus natu­rally follows the proven “Cons­trained Layer Damping” principle, i.e. the absorp­tion of adverse energy through transi­tions between rigid and flexible elements.

The upper and lower surfaces of the Silence Plus are sepa­rated by a perma­nently elastic gel. This THIXAR-typical material has the effect of inhi­biting the trans­mission of signals from top to bottom and vice versa. Addi­tional materials are embedded in this special gel that selec­tively absorb medium-frequency vibra­tions and elimi­nate them in combi­nation with the gel.

THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in light/dark grey, side view

All of these measures give the compo­nents and circuitry of the hi-fi equip­ment a more precise response to match their desired sound charac­teristics. This signi­ficantly reduces back­ground noise thus making fine detail more percep­tible. Thanks to the THIXAR platform, low-frequency inter­ference is inhi­bited from both entering the device and being passed on to other compo­nents in the playback chain. This extends the low-end response substan­tially while enhan­cing bass defi­nition. Spatial imaging also benefits from a Silence Plus – in all three dimensions.

Spectrogram THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus
Spectro­gram of the THIXAR HiFi equip­ment plat­form Silence Plus.

Such imme­diately audible, quan­titati­vely proven effects are a conse­quence of the unique way this THIXAR isolation plat­form is construc­ted. The Silence Plus libe­rates the audio equipment resting on it from all detri­mental, sound-degrading influ­ences – both vibra­tions generated inter­nally (absorp­tion) and those arriving from the environ­ment (decoupling). All you hear is the balanced, unadul­terated sound of your equip­ment – and nothing else.

Bottom of the THIXAR HiFi equipment platform Silence Plus in light/dark grey

The design of the THIXAR Silence Plus is time­lessly modern, while simul­taneously reflec­ting the elaborate internal cons­truction. The platform is avai­lable in two sizes, and a variety of colour combi­nations allow it to be custo­mised accor­ding to personal taste. It should be placed directly on the shelf or rack without the use of additional spikes or decouplers. Alter­natively, several Silence Plus plat­forms can be inte­grated into the Serenity Plus rack system. The result is a super­lative quality rack that signi­ficantly enhances the sound quality of every high-end audio­phile system.


“The change in the musical reproduction was unmistakable. It was as spectacular as it was surprising. … The spatial effect was remarkable. … The depth of the room remained the same, perhaps even slightly deeper. In terms of width, though, the musical experience demonstrated a new sense of closeness. … After lengthy listening, also over the days that followed, I consistently gained the impression that the THIXAR stands were bringing a pleasant repose to the music. They did this without the slightest sign of limiting the dynamic. On the contrary, the solidity in the music made the sound even more explosive and exciting. … My music room, part of a residential building erected in 1973, has tiled floors. Footsteps come over very clearly on my system. As a test, therefore, I dropped the pick-up onto a stationary turntable and turned the volume up louder than usual. I then stamped down hard on a piece of oor I knew to be particularly sensitive. This usually results in an audible booming from the speakers. With the Silence Plus, though, the phenomenon was markedly suppressed, clear proof of the outstanding damping effect achieved by the THIXAR stand in the low frequencies.”

Wolfgang Kemper, HiFi Statement, 2013
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