THIXAR equipment platform silence

The basic Silence perfectly meets one specific require­ment: absor­bing the vibra­tional energy of the device sitting on it with maximum effec­tiveness. The internal struc­ture of the now third-gene­ration THIXAR Silence comprises several layers of diffe­rent materials that have different proper­ties. The combi­nation of these materials and their specific absorp­tion charac­teris­tics plays a key role in absor­bing detri­mental vibra­tions over a very wide range of frequen­cies.

Silence Focus

THIXAR equipment platform Silence Focus

High quality amplifiers are sensitive to vibrations. That is why we have developed the Silence Focus base that addresses the specific requirements of power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and full amplifiers. Amplifiers produce a considerable amount of low-frequency vibrations, whose energy must be absorbed and processed by the base, consisting of a three-level base design for best results. At the same time, it must decouple the amplifier from the substrate. Because many amplifiers are very heavy, the Silence Focus distributes the load on 5 special feet.

Silence Plus

THIXAR HiFi Equipment Platform Silence Plus

The Silence Plus combines the func­tions of damping and decoup­ling in a unique way. Pain­stakingly deve­loped on the basis of our AVC techno­logy, this plat­form sets new stan­dards when it comes to damping high-end audio equip­ment, both in terms of absorbing vibra­tions gene­rated by the device itself and in reducing external sources of degra­dation. This special dual function distin­guishes it from the Silence, which focuses exclu­sively on vibra­tion absorp­tion aspects. Moreover, the materials used were even more precisely analysed, and the utmost care went into their selec­tion and processing.



The THIXAR active damping system Silencer_iZ goes even one step further, reaching new hitherto unknown heights of insulation. Originally designed for nano technology labs, the Silencer_iZ is the planet’s first system trans­fering this scientific achieve­ment to the world of high-end audio.

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