THIXAR equipment platform silence

The THIXAR Silence platform guarantees a complete acoustical sepa­ration of your hifi equip­ment from the surface it is placed upon, because its top and bottom do not have a fixed connection. This keeps the hifi component – be it a player, an amplifier, a tuner, a turntable, a digital device – free from all sound-wrecking disturbances in a very effi­cient way. Freeing the music from all its constraints.

Silence Focus

THIXAR equipment platform Silence Focus

High quality amplifiers are sensitive to vibrations. That is why we have developed the Silence Focus base that addresses the specific requirements of power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and full amplifiers. Amplifiers produce a considerable amount of low-frequency vibrations, whose energy must be absorbed and processed by the base, consisting of a three-level base design for best results. At the same time, it must decouple the amplifier from the substrate. Because many amplifiers are very heavy, the Silence Focus distributes the load on 5 special feet.

Silence Plus

THIXAR HiFi Equipment Platform Silence Plus

THIXAR Silence Plus is the top-of-the range product in our line of passive hifi equipment platforms. The all new gel technology support is being used in a revised form, allowing us to create an entirely new design. The upper support surface now rests completely on the gel without any impedi­ments. Preventing each and any vibration from reaching the parts that count.



The THIXAR active damping system Silencer_iZ goes even one step further, reaching new hitherto unknown heights of insulation. Originally designed for nano technology labs, the Silencer_iZ is the planet’s first system trans­fering this scientific achieve­ment to the world of high-end audio.

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