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This is the old model of the Silencer which is discontinued!

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Active HiFi Equipment Platform

The active HiFi Equipment Platform Silencer.

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Technology inside

Inside view on the active damping technology.

Audiophile THIXAR equipment platforms – The Fundamentals of Sound.

Installation of the Silencer

Easy adjustment to the equipments weight.

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Active damping in perfection

People who possess high-end audio systems are fastidious. They demand an absolutely authentic rendition of their music. The Silencer takes you one gigantic step closer to this goal.

Active hifi equipment platform THIXAR Silencer

The disturbing influence of vibration has its origins in buildings, in people moving through the room and also in airbourne sound input from the loudspeakers. All these sources of disturbance lead to a distortion of audiosignals. The Silencer’s active damping system suppresses these disturbances masterfully. LEDs alone hint at its inner activities: ultra-fast control engineering absorbs vibration amplitudes in the micron-area. In recent years, this technology has become an essential part in modern, nanotechnological applications. And now the Silencer is introducing it to the high-end audio world delivering spectacular results that are simply not available with any other technology.

Silencers contain sensors and actuators that are joined as axes mechanically to eachother. Vibrations occuring on the upper plate are measured and processed in a fast, analog control loop. An amplifier controlling electrodynamic actuators creates correction forces that compensate for the incoming vibration. By using dynamic powers of correction, pulse excitations can be dampened much faster. This leads to short response- and settling times as well as highest vibration isolation!

The demand: absolute vibration isolation and best quality for the smallest dimensions. For the first time, this knowledge has been put to use specifically for the high-end audio market.


“… they could really bring the performance of an LP system or a SACD/CD player to the next level. Don’t forget that this product was initially designed and developed for high precision laboratory use. … That’s why I call call Silencer a ‘Vibration Free Platform’. … If you think you have done an excellent job in configuring your CD transport or LP system, I strongly recommend you check out Silencer. You will quite certainly discover a lot of details that your have never heard before, thus having a strong desire to go over your CD / LP collection again.”

Lincoln Cheng, Audiotchnique, No.346, 01/2012
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