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This is the old model of the Silent Feet which are discontinued!

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THIXAR Silent Feet Basic

THIXAR Silent Feet Basic provide your hifi equipment with completely undistorted sound reproduction.


 THIXAR Peace Program Silence Plus

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We offer two optimized versions – the choice is depending on the weight of your hifi device:

Model:Max. load*

* set of 4



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The feet are available in the following finishes for a perfect aesthetic match to your equipment:

stainless steel matt
polished stainless steel
black matt

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Silent Feet Basic:
Peace is in the small things

No matter how high the quality of your audiophile equipment: if it is fitted with really well-conceived feet, this will enhance your sound with a much greater amount of peace and harmony. Thus considerably enhancing your enjoyment as a listener. That is why the process of creating a new design for our Silent Feet Basic range of feet for equipment focussed on achieving just the right balance of decoupling and damping. One aspect that has a decisive influence, if your precious hi-fi gems are to realise their true sound potential, is their own resonant frequency.

THIXAR Silent Feet Basic

The Silent Feet Basic interior design, with its multi-layered construction, allows the factors above to be precisely adjusted in proportion to the weight of the equipment. Both variations (20 kg- and 20 kg+) ensure what is virtually a custom-made improvement in the results. Whether the equipment itself has rounded feet or spiked feet, Silent Feet Basic will provide it with a stable basis on which to rest. The built-in thread even allows for the equipment and feet to be screwed together.

The shape and the surface of the latest Silent Feet Basic generation make them a real pleasure in the eye of the listening connoisseur, too. For a perfect aesthetic match to your equipment, the feet are available in three finishes.

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